Ideal for young musicians and those who want to become one! Full-on wind instruments that forgive accidental drops and don’t shy away on sound either.

Designed in the UK by pBone and pTrumpet manufacturers, pBuzz has a plastic construction, making it the ideal way to start learning a brass instrument. Suitable for children from 3-4 years old.

Designed in England, by musicians for musicians, the pTrumpet offers a whole new experience in trumpet playing. The extra-lightweight ABS plastic and patented polymer mouthpiece give the pTrumpet its unsurpassed sound quality and playability.

The new Jiggs Whigham pBone combines fun, fascination and joy of playing. The instrument is very light because of its plastic construction and sounds and plays remarkably like a real brass trombone. Available in many attractive colours. Be amazed by the lightness of the pBone!

AULOS recorders are made of the best synthetic resin. They are resistant to moisture and highly resistant to teeth marks. Every recorder has a thumb rest for relaxed playing, making them ideal for young recorder students. They are the world market leader due to excellent manufacturing precision and quality. They have the best intonation and response.

GEWA recorders are reliable school recorders with perfect quality and a satin finish. They are already the standard recorder in many German schools.

A complete overview of all wind instruments and matching accessories can be found here.

GEWA Kids - Blasinstrumente

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